👨‍💻How it works?

LNDRY is your favorite Crypto mixing service, ensuring your transactions remain private and untraceable. LNDRY offers two services to allow mixing. TG Bot

LNDRY offers a telegram mixer bot, which can be accessed below. https://t.me/EthLaundryBot Mixer dApp

Lndry offers a mixer dApp, which allows mixing of funds through a web interface, which can be accessed below. https://dapp.lndry.xyz/

TG Mixer Bot Guide

  1. Initiate the mix: Start by typing the /start command into the LNDRY Telegram bot. This will kick off the process.

  2. Specify Mixing Amount: The bot will prompt you to enter the amount of Ethereum (ETH) you wish to mix.

  3. Receive a Unique Address: LNDRY will generate a one-time Ethereum address for you to send your coins to. This address is unique to your transaction and ensures your privacy.

  4. Make the Deposit: Send your ETH to the provided address within the timeframe provided. As soon as your deposit is confirmed on the blockchain, LNDRY will take the next steps.

  5. Mixing Process: Your funds are securely added to our mixing pool. We use algorithms to determine the optimal time to mix your ETH with others in the pool, obfuscating the trail back to the source.

  6. Receiving Clean ETH: After the mixing process, the equivalent amount of ETH (minus a service fee) is sent back to you. This ETH is dissociated from your original deposit, ensuring your transaction history remains private.

Managing Your Transactions

  • Cancel a Transaction: If you need to cancel the operation, you can type /cancel . Remember, you should not send your ETH after hitting 'Cancel' as the process is intended to be stopped immediately.

  • Track Your Mix: Wondering where your transaction stands? Simply press the 'Current Washes' button. This will show you the status of your ongoing transactions.

dApp Mixer Guide

Step 1

Head to dapp.lndry.xyz Simply select: - Input currency - Output currency - Input Amount - Receiving Address Then hit swap!

Step 2

Deposit the required amount to the given wallet address.

Step 3

Await for your funds to arrive!

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