🧙‍♂️Affiliate Programme

Sharing the use of LNDRY comes with a profitable affiliate scheme.

There are two ways to participate as a $LNDRY affiliate, users can share dynamic links to the telegram bot / dApp and earn a proportion of the mixing fees.

dApp Affiliate Scheme

To become a $LNDRY dApp affiliate, simply head over to the below link: https://dapp.lndry.xyz/affiliate Click: "Become an Affiliate" Then fill in the first page with your affiliate details.

Then, enter how you would like fees to be distributed. You can split fees accross many wallets with different percentages.

Once finished, hit become an affiliate, you will be shown with your affiliate link, and also a manager wallet. Once this wallet reaches $100 in fees, it will be distributed to the provided wallets.

TG Affiliate Scheme

Users wishing to generate affiliate links to the bot, and earn ETH from sharing them will be able to generate a link within our bot, when they do this, a wallet will be generated for them, this is where the rewards will be paid into (in eth) immediately after a mix is completed via a user using the affiliate link. Affiliate marketers will be given 50% of all fees generated by someone mixing eth via their affiliate link. (The other 50% will be sent to the wallet for rev-share)

How to use the affiliate scheme?

Becoming an LNDRY affiliate marketeer is easy. Step 1: Start the bot, and click "Become An Affiliate"

Step 2:

You will be given an affiliate code, a wallet address, a private key, and an affiliate link. Please note down your private key as you will not be shown this again.

Step 3: Share your affiliate link, and watch your balance grow!

Estimated returns for affiliate users

Using an estimate of 5% fees on all mixes.

Taking ETH's value to be $2100.

Affiliate Link Mix VolumeAffiliate Fees Collected



10 ETH


25 ETH


50 ETH


100 ETH


200 ETH


500 ETH


1000 ETH


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